Pearlmont Heights – Townhomes in Eagan, MN

Pearlmont Heights offers the good life with carefree living.

Located just minutes from both Minneapolis and St. Paul, yet miles from the hectic
pace of the big city, Eagan is a young and vibrant community comfortably settled near the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. Nestled among lush woodlands, beautiful rolling
hills and an abundance of parks, ponds and lakes, Eagan and Pearlmont Heights offer
the good life with relaxed country living existing in perfect harmony with nature at its
finest. With quick and easy access to major freeways and public transportation, along
with top-notch schools, churches, shopping, restaurants and entertainment of all sorts,
our townhomes in Eagan, MN are an ideal place for both families-on-the-go and
empty-nesters to call home.

The city’s current residents think so: the 2005 City of Eagan survey reports that 95 percent of residents rate the quality of life in Eagan as excellent or good, and over 80 percent of the residents polled say Eagan is moving in the right direction.

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Pearlmont Heights Amenities

Pearlmont Heights is within a 5 minute driving distance to a myriad of necessary locales, including:

• Byerly’s (1 mile)
• Rainbow Foods (1 mile)
• Home Depot (2 miles)
• Subway Sandwiches (1 mile)
• El Loro Mexican Restaurant (1 mile)
• Chili’s Grill & Bar (1 mile)
• Junior’s Café & Grill (1 mile)
• Caribou Coffee (1 mile)
• Fox’s Pizza (1 mile)
• New China Buffet (2 miles)
• Eagan Steak House (1 mile)
• Chipotle (2 miles)
• Anchor Bank (1 mile)
• US Bank (1 mile)
• Wells Fargo Bank (2 miles)
• Starbucks (1 mile)

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll find over the river and through the woods.


An Uncompromising Location in Balance with Nature

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